Ascowed NGO-Free training on beautician

Ascowed NGO-Free training on beautician 

we offered free training on beautician for three-month duration along with practical session.

We also provide NGO course completion certificate after successful completion of your course.

Free training on beautician Courses Offered





Hair Removal

Hair Treatment

Hair Coloring


Hair cut front.

Hair cut back.

Hair style


Bridal Makeup

Also, we will offer part time job in the below mentioned salon.

Naturals Salon | India’s Best Beauty Salon Chain



Cosmetics have been used in the art of being beautiful by both women and men for thousands of years looking and feeling good with glossy, well-cut hairs, clear and fresh skin is a tremendous boost to any woman’s age.


Cosmetology is an art of refining fire tuning and maintaining the natural beauty given to us cosmetology is not the art of learning makeup but it’s the technique of making up the body to suit the personality status.

It also covers the art of health update 75% of woman kind cuter train cosmetic chemistry as their basic part of life caring for beauty is ultimately caring for their health and long living.
Glossy Look

A healthy diet with blend of fresh fruits and vegetables, lot of mineral water to drink regular exercises to fitness are body fresh and good sleep will give your basic foundation for your beauty routine.

The cosmetology course will be very useful for woman especially housewives.

The learning can be two types.

One for self-growing and other is for to start a business.

Self-growing saves the expenses spent on the budget part of beauty for the whole family business learning makes them to enter the business world and it gives and shows a good way for woman.

Today’s fashion world is very worst and that is related to beauty cares, not carer for the one who does the course, but it is also cultivates as well as beauty and healthy conscious in the family.



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