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Hi all  Family and Friends I am  from Udumalaipet  district start selling Manila Ducks and chicks. In our farm we have Manila Ducks, Hen  and variety of colors. Manila Ducks are like to live in  freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds, marshes, and coastal waters. It has special character of flying. Here’s a brief overview of Manila ducks:

Physical Characteristics

Manila Ducks come in various sizes, colors, and markings, depending on the species. They typically have a broad, flat bill, which varies in shape and size based on their feeding habits. The drakes called as Male,  hens known as Female, and  ducklings   named as young’s.

Habitat and Behavior

Manila Ducks are highly adaptable and can be found on every contine except Antarctica. They exhibit diverse behaviors, from dabbling and diving for aquatic vegetation to foraging on land for insects, small fish, and grains. Many species of manila ducks are known for their seasonal migration, covering impressive distances between breeding and wintering grounds.


Certain manila duck species have been domesticated for various purposes, including meat, eggs, and ornamental purposes. Domestic manila ducks often differ from their wild counterparts in terms of size, coloration, and behavior. The Pekin duck and the Khaki Campbell are examples of popular domestic duck breeds.

Culinary Importance

In aboard countries they used ducks  meats for their climate. The Popular manila duck dishes include Peking duck from China, confit de canard from France, and various manila duck curries from Southeast Asia. Manila Duck eggs more rich in  protein and vitamins and it has more medical benefits.


Manila Ducks is an interdisciplinary effort that requires cooperation among government agencies, non-profit organizations, researchers, and local communities. By addressing habitat preservation, sustainable practices, and potential threats, we can contribute to the long-term well-being of Manila duck populations and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Cultural Significance

Manila Ducks often hold cultural significance in various societies. They feature prominently in folklore, art, and literature. Manila Ducks hold cultural significance in various societies around the world, and their symbolism and representation often vary across different cultures.

Their adaptability and diverse characteristics make them a subject of interest in various fields, from biology to gastronomy.

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