Fake GPS apk download and its features

It is one of the best and funny apps that anyone can use this app for the prank with your friends. Thus the Fake GPS apk download app helps your device to function with the fake place. Once your friend or any other call you means it will show your place on their device with false areas. It is said to be the best prank application. It has the millions of fans who downloaded this app to use at anytime from anywhere. This fantastic app is set up the fake location on your mobile so that the every other app on your Smartphone device will track your address as you saved fake site already with the help of Fake GPS.

How will the app work?

First of all the app must be installed on your Android Smartphone devices. It is the app that will mainly overwrite your current location from your mobile. It will help you to prank your friends on any of the social networking sites by adding any of the locations across the globe. On the funny note, set the app on your phone and make your place from India to America without flying anywhere by using this interesting application. Users should avoid the foul usage of the app which will not be supported by the app developers.

First of all, make sure that the high accuracy of the location’s position in Android location setting to be disabled. And follow the step by the GPS only on devices. It is a very simple user interface. Even the non-technical persons can use this great application without any hesitation. The users should follow some of the steps to use like choosing the fake location and then press the play button. Then the application will insert the fake location which was given by the user into the Android devices. Some of the simple steps to be followed by the users are

  • First of all, download the app from the Google PlayStore for free on your device.
  • Once the app gets install on your Android device, please go to the settings and turn on the GPS.
  • Next, go to the Fake GPS apk pro app and search for the GPS map. There you can enter the fake location manually under the search box.
  • If your Android device is rooted, then you can easily enable the option in the given setting of your mobile to make the Fake GPS app even better.
  • After choosing the false location then please taps on the orange play icon which is located at the bottom of the map.
  • Finally, it is ready to use at any time. It is a fantastic app to use and get more fun.


  • Users can add any of the location
  • It consumes only less memory
  • It supports all the Android versions as well as the Marshmallow
  • User can also hide the icon
  •  The application is also available in English, Japanese and German.

Fake GPS location spoofer pro apk download with Pokémon Go

We all know that the Fake GPS apk download plays the vital role to overshadow your original location into a fake one. There you can add any of the locations and make ready to prank your friends. This fake site application is use to hide the real locations of the user by adding a fake location at any time. It also supports to the non-rooted devices as well. On the other side, the sad part is the world most popular game Pokémon go not available in many countries around the world.

For the information to the users, by using these amazing app people can play the game at any part of the world. And the user can play without the issues too. After that using the fake location generator app user will not leave this app until the game experience is over. This great application Fake GPS apk Pokémon go is working as a spoof location of a player in this fantastic game using the false site. It also provides the on-screen joystick which helps you to play the game where the user can accelerate the player on screen without any issues. At the end of the day, this app will prove to be a great one to sync with the Pokémon go and makes your game experience into world class. The users can also download Fake GPS location donate 1.6.2 apk for the further use for the fake location. Click here to download

Fake GPS with Joystick

Fake GPS Joystick apk is a brilliant application for the users to use. People can download the app from wherever they want. It is an amazing that using the joysticks at real time games and makes your friends fool. On the other side, the users can also customize the theme colors according to their interest. When compared to the other fake location applications in Google store, this app plays the better game regarding experience. Thus the joystick option makes you change the locations wherever immediately. It is the easy task to handle the settings of this application. There is also an option called Game mode, and it will help you to set the locations fake for the games. Thus the rooting is not required while playing the game. Click here to download the Fake GPS with joystick

Developer options tool apk

Thus the developer option tool will play the major role once it is installed on your device. For example, if the vast number of applications were downloaded on your device will make your device very slow. To clear this issue, the user can download the app called Developer Options tool apk. It will help your device to work fast and save your internet data on time instead of wasting the data. This fantastic app is free of cost to use. Click here to download the app

On the whole, the Fake GPS apk download playing as a part of the fun. It will help you to make more fun and entertainment guaranteed. The user can download this great app at any time from the store. The application is very easy to use by the users. And it consumes less memory to download and install which it does not cost any money from your kit to pay for the app download.

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