We are in modern times, where technology is taking over the world, and replacing with portable solutions. In the past, we had many products that changed the shape of the world such as a desktop, which was larger, but not portable. Now, we have portable PC/Laptops everywhere in the world making communication easier for everyone. What about printers? We still have large-sized printers at home & office that are no easy to move, and take it on tour. That’s when the Pekoko mobile color printer hit the market and it is a portable printer.

What is Pekoko mobile color printer?

We are talking about portable printers that we can carry in the bag, and take it on a journey. Yes, Pekoko introduced this amazing solution that will change the landscape and bringing innovation to the table. You can carry a printer in your bag that works flawlessly on many objects. Allow us to introduce you to some of the features of the Pekoko portable printer.

Color Printer

Color makes things beautiful and that’s why we decorate the home, office, tables, and others. We cannot miss out on the feature in a printer because you are adding text to the objects, and it should be colored. Fortunately, the small ink cartridges are color-based so you don’t have to stick with Black/White format.

Printing Height

All right, we know that it has a portable design that allows us to carry in our bag, and work with it using our hands.

We can say a lot of things about its compactness, but what is the official printing height?

We have the answer for you, and the maximum printing height is 5/8-inches. In short, it is 90 x 68 x 78 mm as expected considering the small-form-factor. You can do a lot of things with 14 millimeters sized machine and add text on many objects.


The Pekoko mobile color printer is tested to work on a wide range of materials and objects. You can print texts on plain papers & regular papers, and it will have no problem with it.

You can also print on mobile cases made up of plastic or rubber. If you want to decorate the shoes, then you can add some cool texts on it, and it will work exceptionally. The printer won’t have issues printing on clothes and premium fabrics.

Design | Sliding Stamp

If you want to decorate the house for the upcoming part, then you can use satin ribbon and print whatever you like on it, and make the occasion more beautiful. Speaking of occasions, the printer works exceptionally with grift wraps, so you can tell the heart of the loved one of matter.

The manufacturers used the traditional method of stamping & sliding and made it easier for the world to use it. Turn on the printer, and then slide on the object to print the message. The slide stamp method is clever because you don’t have to learn anything new and slide all the way through the object to print. Pekoko Mobile Color Printer technique is easy and doesn’t need specific skills to do it.

Build Quality

Pekoko is a reputed Chinese brand, which has been developing, marketing, and selling printing products for many years. The Pekoko color mobile printer is made from good quality Aluminium Alloy, and ABS / PC. Overall, it is durable and will last long for long-term users, so don’t worry about the build quality.


We have to appreciate the manufacturers for adding Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes the file transferring process easier. We did expect Bluetooth for connectivity because it is standard nowadays in all types of products but Wi-Fi is a surprise. Wi-Fi transfer speed is much higher than Bluetooth, and it is ideal to transfer larger file sizes.

Bottom Line

The battery-powered (10 hours) mobile printer brings a lot of innovation & portability for the professionals. You no longer have to visit nearby printing store or wait till you reach the office anymore. Users can use it as a quick company signature tool and it is much more appealing than traditional solutions. Pekoko mobile color printer starts from $165 and comes under an affordable piece of technology to own in 2023.