We all know that you can avail of the impressed ZTE Max Pro mobile phone at your affordable price.  This year, ZTE launches the new model Max XL with a ridiculous lower price and also with numerous notable upgrades. The ZTE Max XL review showcases the best advantages of this phone model. With a comparison of the best mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 model, you can get a pre-installed Android Nougat version, fast charging, much better sizable 3990 mAh battery, and a fingerprint sensor.

The excellent choice to get the basic specification at an affordable price is to choose the ZTE Max XL model. However, it does not include good camera features, NFC, or waterproofing options. Still, the bad news of ZTE Max XL reviews that the earlier complaints about the ZTE Max Pro model have not been rectified in a new model of ZTE Max XL with regards to T-Mobile exclusive and MetroPCS.

Similar to the Google Nexus 6 model, the rear-firing speaker is bad along with a dim screen. With bargain-bin price and if you prefer to compromise with design and specs then ZTE Max XL is one of the best incredible phones to use. ZTE Max XL price will be much affordable to purchase.

ZTE Max XL Review – Display

The most important feature of ZTE Max XL phone, comes with a 6-inch massive display. With its lower price, it is not possible to expect major features for utilization; however, you can get the FHD (Full High Definition) IPS panel to deliver a better picture quality with deep contrasts and bright colors. It includes a decent ratio of screen-to-body, not too large bezels, for this mid-range mobile phone.

Most of the reviewers tried to reveal the video playback quality by streaming the latest movies from YouTube using the Wi-Fi (wireless) connection. The video playback is much better along with good sound quality as well. Even in a quiet environment and 75% volume, you can experience a much better video playback.

ZTE Max XL Review – Design

Similar to its large battery and affordable price, the industrial design is not lightest and thinnest to offer. However, it has decent in-built quality, subtly rubberized texture, the curved has a good grip and the cover feels more comfortable within your palm. The rear side of our ZTE Max XL phone offers a nice surprise that comes with a fingerprint sensor.

This feature is similarly used in the Samsung Galaxy J7 model to boost up with this affordable price. The users can easily set up any one of their fingerprints to answer the calls, snap photos, and even unlock their phones. This mobile has a pretty responsive sensor and very quickly captures images. You can use the rear side fingerprint sensor to snap the images which are more practical and more comfortable.

Camera Performance

Most of us would utilize the camera on their mobile phone to capture images and look closer than ZTE Max XL produces. The rear side comes with 13 MP (megapixel) cameras which can snap with more bright light when compared to Blue R1 plus mobile phone. The photo that was captured using Blue R1 plus is completely blown out and oversaturated, which impacts a bright pink-color blob on their images.

However, ZTE Max XL capture is not perfect but you can view the detailed image using the rear side camera. When compared to Indoors, Max XL’s images are much better for dynamic range and former features. You can note the difference between highlights and its shadows as well. On both sides, the images can offer richer colors and slighter warmer on the decorations.

The ZTE Max XL camera will shoot the best picture at night mode with less grainy and tad sharper along with more improvement. With regards to the front camera, the 5 MP (megapixel) selfie camera of Max XL offers pretty decent image with sharp details of your face and hair. However, it is slightly overexposed while taking images through the bright sky.


The ZTE Max XL mobile phone is running on the Android Nougat 7.1.1 version, which is much closer to the Android stock of Pixel or Nexus lineup. However, it still has some small tweaks but not too egregious. It is also very hard to find or really curious to take the few tweaks. This phone really runs on their Boost Mobile will include a few pre-installed apps.

It is good to hear that the user can easily uninstall those pre-installed apps on your mobiles. However, even smaller subset or a few apps can only be possible to disable and not able to uninstall it. Also, essential to remove the pre-installed apps since it only has an internal storage of 16 GB to store.


The ZTE Max XL phone runs on a Snapdragon 435 processor and most of the top mobile phones will not offer this feature and never expected by everyone. It works much better by using the Snapdragon 435 processor with the assistance of the 2 GB of phone’s memory. Even though it can perform 95% with the best result, a few users reported that they still experience slight latency and lag while scrolling on various occasions.

In general, both games and apps will execute smoothly without any hassle. It is obviously great and much better to watch any media content such as games & apps on the larger screen. In case, if you prefer to choose the 1080 p screen resolution, it is essential to push some pixels and also allow the hardware on-board for better performance.

The phone with the larger screen allows the buttons to place nicely within its screen. At times, you may also experience some lag or latency during the screen unlock or reading your finger by the fingerprint sensor. However, it is not much slower when compared with other mobile models such as Pixel XL or Nexus 6P. It is not quite often to experience the occasional lag, but it has to be mentioned for reviewers.

Battery Performance

The ZTE Max XL phone comes with the 3990 mAh battery to offer the best battery life. Most of the reviewers informed that they have not tested this mobile phone by connecting through the 4G LTE of Boost network upfront. This device has not yet connected to any sort of network connections and still the battery life drained from 100% to 34%. Then, even after connecting to the Wi-Fi (wireless network), it remains constantly connected without any battery drain.

It is still connected to the background Wi-Fi network connection, you can notice that the battery indicator shows at 28% with very minimal utilization it can drain to 22%. This happens if you have not activated numerous apps except Gmail (Google App) to receive minimal notification activity on your mobile phone. Many users informed that the one complete charge with minimal usage on the Wi-Fi network, the ZTE Max XL mobile phone can last for at least 36 hours without any hassle.

Most of the devices are highly related to battery usage or consumption. For example, in case if you are running numerous installed applications on your mobile phone and also activated the push notifications or reminders for specific applications then for every 30 seconds or each post may tend to drain your battery life much faster. Many reviewers informed that the ZTE Max XL Unlocked version is also available on the online platform for utilization.